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Legend of Armenia

“Legend of Armenia” is named in honor of great Armenian national legend. This cognac is produced by classic technology in the very heart of sunny Armenia – in the Ararat Valley. Its bright golden color and mild flavor balanced with elegant hints of chocolate and vanilla tones, is typical for high-quality vintage cognacs.

Deep amber color. Bouquet reveals slowly, casting a spell with its elegance and refinement. Notes of dried fruits perfectly complemented by light hints of vanilla and flowers. Flavor is complex, soft, enveloping with dominating tones of chocolate and. Honey, fruit and wood tones add a pleasant balance to its flavor. The aftertaste is long and diverse.        

“Amrots” -  translated from Armenian as “Fortress”. At the territory of Armenia since ancient times were erected many legendary fortress, which were intended to protect the great Armenian lands. The golden-amber color of cognac “Amrots”, harmonious flavor and delicate bouquet is typical for vintage cognac of high quality.